Factors That Contributes to Success in Life: The Effect of First 8 Years of Education

There are many factors that contribute to your success in life and the two major factors are parental education and formal education. The most important education is your home education. How your parents educate and influence you are crucial to your success in life. Formal education expands what your parents have taught you about life and smooths any rough edges. Formal education gives you the knowledge and the foundation to land a good paying job. Hopefully, you had good parents with good parental skills otherwise you are at the mercy of formal education and the guidance of your higher power.We tend to focus on the last four (4) years of formal education when we talk about college admissions and not give any credit to the first 8 years of education. The foundation for high school and college success really begins with preschool education where the love of learning and the value of education are established. The value of education needs to be instilled into the young minds by the parents and the teachers with the intention that the individual will carry this value throughout life.The parents should emphasize the importance of education as early as possible and consistently stress to the child that they expect him or her to pursue higher education.The key to everyone’s success in life is in the first 3 stages of life: stage 1 (year 0 to 7), stage 2 (7 to 14) and stage 3 (14 to 21) Conquer future successIn stage 1 of life, some of the most important values are instilled in us in these early years and pretty much our personality is established by the age of 7. The foundation for education and life as it will be is also established. The positive things that we do with our children and the positive things that we say to our children will help to shape the person that the child will become. In stage 2 of life, elementary and junior high school education takes place and at this stage the foundation for success in high school is put in place. How each individual performs in these early stages of life greatly affect the success in high school and college.How important is your first 7 years of life? Conquer future successStage 1 is the most important stage of life because if you have done your job as a parent, the foundation for success is established.Most people don’t pay much attention to these first few years of life because most young couples are busy trying to make ends meet and get their life together. Ignoring these first few years of life is a huge mistake because this is when you can instill the values and work ethics that will affect the person for the rest of their lives. If parents spend enough time to read, talk and instill goals into these young and impressionable minds, the child will think only of attainment of success in life. We as parents, we have to mold these young minds with only positive and loving thoughts.How important is your elementary and junior high school education? Conquer future successIn stage 2 of life, the child continues to build on the foundation that you have created in the first stage of life. This stage is very important to the success of the child in high school and college. The value of education and the type of work ethic that has been established up to this point will most likely continue throughout the individual’s lifetime. You don’t wait until high school to start talking to your child about further education. This process should begin in stage 1 of life.In stage 3 of life, the choices and decisions that the child makes with your guidance either makes or breaks his or her future. The decisions and choices that we make between the ages of 16 and 22 create the foundation for the success or failure of our lives. Poor choices and poor decisions will lead to a miserable life and the opposite will lead to successful and happy life.

What a Beginner Should Look for in Personal Tennis Clothing and Equipment

Once you understand what is the correct and suitable personal attire for you to use, you are ready to embrace tennis training drills quicker. For example: What type of balls and shoes to use on certain court surfaces.Learning the Different tennis court surfaces as a beginner means being aware of the bounce and flight speed with various types of tennis balls. For example a regular- duty felt ball is preferred on clay courts, while an extra- duty felt ball is popular on hardcourts.TENNIS BALL: To maintain the perfect bounce of your balls, its best to keep them stored in sealed pressurised cans when not being used. A ball with a larger diameter than a standard tennis ball, is better suited for beginners, to aid in seeing the ball easily due to the slower flight path the larger ball takes.TENNIS SHOE: Wearing the correct shoes is essential to your game’s improvement and to remain injury-free. This is why the sport of tennis have their own unique tennis shoe style. Tennis shoes differ from conventional runners because of the constant lateral movement involved. The sole of a tennis shoe is purpose built to assist in this side-to-side movement.TENNIS RACQUET: To generalise, a racquet that has a heavy frame will generate more power and vibrate less. A stiff framed racquet has a greater sweet spot, although you will transfer the majority of the shock load to your arm, when hitting a ball. A flexible framed racquet can decrease the shock load on your arms.STRINGS: To decide on soft or tight tension of your tennis strings, will depend on your preferred choice of, if you want Power or Control. Soft tension gives you more Power, durability, feel and comfort. But the trade off is minimal control. With tight tension strings, you get maximum control only.CLOTHING: The days of heavy cotton fabrics are fading. They are being replaced with light-weight breathable, even sweat resistant fabrics. These performance based shirts will keep players cooler, especially during long matches in direct sunlight. Nowadays men wear longer shorts and tighter body hugging shirts. Women these days are wearing tank tops and skirts. This allows you to move your limbs (arms and legs) backwards and forwards, side to side as well as any rotating motion in comfort and ease.With some careful thought and planning you can quickly advance your learning ability when doing tennis drills or playing a game.

Buy Some Clothes and Help a Cause

Do you like to help a cause you believe in? Do you feel like you want to do more to help? You can help and it is easy to do too!There are various brands out there for cyclists to choose from. You have Pearl Izumi, Desente, Canari, Nike, Shebeest, Primal Wear and several others. Let us take a closer look at what Nike has to offer. Nike’s line of cycling products is not as extensive as some of the other brands. They do however have a good variety. Several of their products came about because of Lance Armstrong. You will appreciate the fact when you buy a Lance Armstrong inspired article of clothing, a portion of your purchase will go to help fight cancer. This is a very worthy cause to support.Nike products give you the same great benefits you have come to expect from other brands. Plus you get the good feeling of knowing you are helping out a great cause. What could possibly be better! Some of the benefits you are used to are moisture absorbing short chamois and jersey fabric. These benefits are there to help keep you drier for longer during those intense rides.Nike has products to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. You can also purchase some sunglasses to protect your eyes. You could also get a pair of lighter cycling shoes. They have all the basics when it comes to apparel and shoes. You can improve your performance and keep your self drier! You can’t go wrong with Nike cycling products!Help yourself to some exciting new clothes and help a stranger fight cancer!